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Pump Testing Facility At JEE PUMPS

Pumps Testing

  • Suction Tank Capacity : 10 m3/hr

  • Computerized testing batch with watt meter, Amp meter, Pressure meter, rpm meter, Voltage meter, Frequency meter, Flow meter (800 m3 /hr), Voltage Auto Transformer.

Performance Test

  • Pump Flow rate with working pressure
  • Power Consumption Test.
  • Hydro Testing
  • Vibration of Pump & Motor
  • Mechanical. Seal Testing with Hydro Test


  • Good qualities of strainers, Pipes & Pipefitting are used for testing.
  • Pump Performance test are carried out with negative suction head approximately 6 mtr
  • At a time 2 Pumps Can be tested
  • Pumps up to 50 HP Power requirement and maximum 35 Kg/cm2 can be tested.
  • The measuring instruments on the test bench are duly calibrated with pre - determined frequency.

Manufacturing Facilities

List of Machines

  • Horizontal Boring Machine BFT - 90
  • Heavy Duty Belt Drive Lathe Centre Height 300mm ABC : 2000mm
  • Heavy Duty Belt Drive Lathe Centre Height 500mm ABC : 2000mm
  • Medium Duty Lathe Machine Centre Height 175mm ABC : 1200mm
  • CNC Vertical Turning & Boreing
  • CNC Turning Center
  • CNC Machining Center
  • Slotting Machine Capacity : 250mm
  • Hydraulic Press Capacity 40 Ton.
  • Hard Bearing Balancing Machine Capacity 50 Kg
  • Radial Drill Machine 32mm Capacity
  • Radial Drill Machine 42mm Capacity
  • Welding Machine Heavy Duty 400 AMP
  • Air Compressor 2 HP
  • Heavy Duty Milling Machine
  • Hydraulic Hacksaw
  • Cylindrical Grinder

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