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Industrial Centrifugal Pumps
Offered Centrifugal Pumps are used to carry fluids by the transition of rotational kinetic energy to the hydraulics energy of the fluid flow. Common utilization of these pumps include water, petroleum, sewage and petrochemical pumping. Similar to other pumps, these convert rotational energy of the motor, to an energy in a moving liquid.
Industrial Chemical Pumps
Chemical Pumps are specifically utilized to transfer the chemicals and are configured to be resistant to abrasive and corrosive industrial fluids such as paint, bleach, fuel, solvents, etc. The displacement of these pumps depend on their specific utilization. These mechanical devices, which are particularly made for chemical industry proffer optimal utilization in all usages.
Industrial Pulp & Paper Mill Pumps
We assist you to deal with rough pumping conditions specifically found in the industry of pulp and paper, by offering an exclusive range of Pulp & Paper Mill Pumps, which are designed with premium seals, impellers and packing. The maintenance of these pumps is easy with back pullout engineering as well as adjustable wear plate bearers placed on the self priming centrifugal line.
Industrial Polypropylene Pumps
Polypropylene Pumps are specifically made to manage the corrosive chemicals such as alkalis, solvents, acids etc. Utilized for chemical processing, plating applications and water treatment, these are featured with high capacities and can handle the the most corrosive fluids. These corrosion-resistant pumps can be used for intermittent as well as semi-continuous fluid applications.
Centrifugal Air Cooled Pump
We deal in Centrifugal Air Cooled Pumps, which are featured with closed inpeller and the shaft is backed up by heat resistant mechanical seal, two heavy duty ball bearings etc. Applicative for petro-chemical, oil, sysnthetic - fiber, textile, dyeing, printing and other industries these also have suction flange is on the axial & front and discharge flange is located at the top and radial.
Self Priming Mud/Sewage Pumps
Self Priming Mud/Sewage Pumps are used for pumping, marine, gas oils, dewatering of effluents, engine cooling and different other usages. These are resistant to rust and come with hassle free functionality as well as robust design. Broadly utilized for handling waste liquids in water treatment plants, effluent treatment plants and sewage treatment plants, these come with long-lasting serviceability.
Boiler Feed Self Priming Pumps
Boiler Feed Self Priming Pumps are commonly utilized to pump the feed water into the steam vessel. These pumps feature impulse blades, which provide high reliability as well as efficiency to operation of pumps. The speed of the these can be perfected in assemblage with pump suppliers. These specially engineered pumps offer best possible performance even in the most extreme conditions.
Industrial Hydro Test Pumps
The Hydraulic Test Pumps are utilized for solvent, liquid handling, chemical processing, petroleum products and various others. The range ensures operational capability, absolute functional aspects and need less maintenance. Suitable for hydraulic pumping, these best quality pumps come with impeccable finishing. Offered products are incorporated with high efficiency working motors, which assist in giving faster results.
Submersible Sewage Pumps
We offer Submersible Sewage Pumps, which have been particularly designed for pumping out the water from pools, muddy water transportation, dewatering basement of structures, conveyance of effluents, etc. The range is factory-made with cast iron and are applicable for sewage, public health, residential purpose, hotels purpose, effluent treatment plants, power station, etc.
Filter Press Pumps
Offered Filter Press Pumps are incorporated with dynamically balanced rotating components, oil lubricated ball bearing, low power consumption, replaceable parts, less vibration etc. These are offered in special designs for filter press applications. offered pumps find applications in slurry transfer, ceramic, ETP & STP, paper and pulp, dyes & intermediates, sugar & food, etc.
Industrial Vertical Pumps
Vertical Pumps provide various advantages over horizontal ones and require a smaller footprint than them. These are absolutely appropriate for spaces where the ground opencast orbit is restricted. These are the specialized pumps, which are designed to take water from a reservoir that is profoundly below-ground. Also known as line-shaft turbine pumps, these work as the turbine pumps.
Industrial Slurry Pumps
When it comes to handling waste material, Slurry Pumps become an ideal choice for achieving the best results. From reclaiming beaches to make waste collection ponds, our offered range of pumps is beneficial for many purposes. Hence, known for effective solution for overcoming slurry issues.
Industrial Thermic Pump
One of the best ways to handle thermic fluids and hot oils is to use Thermic Pump but choosing the right one can be difficult. Therefore, we have come up with an entire range from which our clients can choose the one that suits their applications the best.
Industrial Air Cooled Pump
The range of Air Cooled Pump we offer is known for withstanding even the lowest temperatures of bearing environment. Since these pumps are a perfect blend of high quality and lower prices, these are always appreciated by our clients and the end users.
PVDF Centrifugal Process Pump
Provided PVDF Centrifugal Process Pumps are featured with mechanical seals and offer highly reliable operation when it comes to handling corrosive liquids. These come with better efficiency on account of their impellers, computer aided designing of volute casing, etc that result in less power consumption. The standard designs of these pumps insures interchangeability of spares.
Industrial Split Casing Pump
We offer Split Casing Pumps, which have been engineered to provide the maximal efficiency and design life to their end users. These pumps of easy maintenance, modular materials of construction include mechanical seals, impeller, shaft cartridge etc. The typical applications of these are water treatment and supply, water extraction, booster pumping, cooling tower circulation, petrochemical utility duties, etc.
PTFE Lined Centrifugal Process Pumps
Offered PTFE Lined Centrifugal Process Pumps are utilized in effluent treatment plant, electro plating, water treatment plant, steel & picking rolling mills. These are excellent for loading, unloading and transferring of HCL, alkali, caustic liquid, sulphuric acid etc. Also these are perfect for circulation and stand as the best choices for scrubber and picking line in steel plants.
Rotary Gear Pumps
We deal in Rotary Gear Pumps, which utilize the meshing of gears so as to pump liquid by displacement. They are the most common kinds of pumps employed for hydraulic fluid power usages. Widely utilized in chemical installations so as to pump the high viscosity fluids, these have sturdy CI structure that is fitted with dynamically counterbalanced helical gears affixed on hardened & grinded shafts.
High Pressure Multistage Pumps
We offer High Pressure Multistage Pumps, which are appreciated for their ability to give engineers a flexible ambit of head and flow, along with their advanced level of energy efficiency. Great choices for applications where a high head is needed, these have been made with compactness as well as modularity of their central features, and are also accessible with integrated frequency device.
Submersible Monoset Pump
We offer Submersible Monoset Pumps, which are applicable for irrigation, agriculture, farms, civil, swimming pools, hospitals, automobile service stations etc. These devices have hermetically sealed motors close-coupled to the body of the pump. The whole construction is submerged in the liquid to be pumped. The main benefit of these pump is that they prevent pump cavitation.
Industrial Barrel Pumps
We offer Barrel Pumps, which come with gland kind & mechanical seal types as per the demand of the customers. These are specially configured in low speed that is appropriate for flammable fluid. The pumps work in self priming procedure and are accessible with trolley kind mounting for barrel purpose. These find applications for petroleum product transfer, pharmaceutical industries, chemical process industries, barrel loading, unloading purpose, etc.
Industrial Pump Spare Parts
We deal in Pump Spare Parts, which are used for the efficient and flawless performance of the pumps. These are easily replaceable after they have been in work for a certain time period. Offered products dont require frequent repairing an maintenance. These ensure the operating reliability of the pumps and make them flowing for all applications.
Industrial Centrifugal Process Pumps
We offer Centrifugal Process Pumps, which are high precision as well as fuel pressuring kind positive displacement intrinsic gear pumps, well-stacked with graded cast iron. These pumps are self priming varieties, which provide accurate capacity and are capable to run liquid to a particular viscosity level. The sealing of these is done with the aid of mechanical seals so as to insure zero leakage.
Teflon Centrifugal Pump
Teflon Centrifugal Pump finds its application in both industrial, agricultural and domestic applications. This pump is very easy to install as well as simple to use. This pump also allows them to move at high speeds with minimal maintenance. This pump is very effective as well as economical to use. 
Industrial Suction Pumps
We offer Industrial Suction Pumps, which are engineered for the removal of gas molecules. The pumps are demanded in numerous industries and are applicable for the pharmaceutical, plastic molding processes, electrical applications and food-beverages.
Industrial Sewage Pumps
Industrial Sewage Pumps are appreciable for their functional accuracy and are suited for the pumping of sewage water. They are essentially needed for the handling of wastewater and enable their further use after the processing. Their method is finer than that of suction. 
Industrial Gear Pumps
Industrial Gear Pumps are highly apt for the pumping the waters of high viscosity. They are demanded for the applications where high-pressure production, safe mechanism and correct dosing are indispensable. They are insensitive to fluid density as well as viscosity.
Air Cooled & Hot Oil Pumps

Air Cooled & Hot Oil Pumps we deal in are apt for several unique benefits. These are highly apt for specific industrial applications. The pumps are included with thermal protection and temperature sensors.

Barrel And Sump Pumps

Barrel And Sump Pumps we deal in are used to remove water from sump pits. These have been designed to pump water and assist in preventing the flooding as well as water damage. These can be activated by float switches.

Industrial Hydraulic Pumps

Industrial Hydraulic Pumps are the mechanical devices, which can provide hydraulic power very well. These are capable to convert mechanical energy into hydraulic one. Supplied pumps are apt for several industrial applications, such as construction, mining, manufacturing, and transportation. 

Hydro Pneumatic Systems
Hydro Pneumatic Systems are required to carry the water unceasingly at all passageways. These can be used for the commercial buildings as well as high-rise apartments. These systems are required where the demand of water occurs.
Industrial Feed Pumps
Industrial Feed Pumps are largely suited for pumping the feed water and assist in the production of steam. These pumps are the high-pressure multi- centrifugal pumps which perform their work with the help of compressed air-cooled motor.
Industrial High Head Pump

Supplied industrial high head pumps have been made to handle the liquids to be pumped to higher raises. Supplied pumps are suited for the industries of construction, mining, and oil & gas.

Industrial Monoblock Pump

We deal in Industrial Monoblock pumps which are apt for many pumping applications. The said pumps are apt for several applications and are capable to handle different types of liquids.

Chemical Process Pumps

Chemical process pumps are accessible with safe as well as reliable operation. These are critical to ensuring the best performance and longevity of the pumps. These have emergency shit-off systems to prevent accidents and reduce risks.

Industrial Shaft Pumps

We are dealing in Industrial shaft pumps, which are the devices, which make use of a rotating shaft for the movement of fluids as well as gases from one place to another. These are applicable for chemical processing, water treatment, petroleum refining, and others.

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